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Baited Trap, The Ambush of Mission 1890 tells the story for the first time of perhaps the most dangerous Korean War helicopter rescue mission in compelling detail gleaned from formerly classified official records, first person accounts, and family documents long unknown. The author of Mission 1890 located and interviewed the families of all five airmen aboard the helicopter and the two “low cover” Mustangs.

-The Korean War's Greatest Love Story-

Baited Trap is much more than a heroic war story from the “forgotten war.” It is also the Korean War's greatest love story, following Wayne and Della Lear, Bobby Holloway, Ron Eaton and Dolly Sharp, and Frankie and Archie Connors as they tried to put their lives and families together even as the Korean War was reaching out to engulf them.

-This Story Should Have Been Told-

"...this book finally tells a story that has not been told but should have been."  Kris Barnett, Book Reviewer, Graybeard Magazine

"The dramatic plot twists and turns are continually surprising, even for the reader who is most familiar with the circumstances surrounding the Korean War. The reader may easily forget that the events depicted are not fictional. Furthermore, the men involved in the mission were never officially recognized for their sacrifices as part of Mission 1890. However, this book finally tells a story that has not been told but should have been."  Read More...

-A Recent Letter From A Reader-

"I got my copy of Baited Trap in the mail this afternoon! I thank you very much. Started reading "Baited Trap" immediately! Took time out to prepare dinner, etc., went back to reading around 8:00 p.m. Next time I looked at the clock it was 1:00 a.m.!! It's a master piece--brought back many memories. Wishing you and Faith a Blessed Easter." DM, Jacksonville, Florida

Baited Trap follows in close-up detail the lives of three young men and their sweethearts from childhood until they are brought together by chance to fly a dangerous helicopter rescue mission into heavily defended enemy territory in North Korea on the day of the Second Anniversary of the start of the Korean War. The harrowing mission of plucking the downed Navy pilot off the side of a mountain was finally completed after three punishing attempts. The brave, wounded helicopter pilot fought to control the damaged “copter” as he headed down the valley after picking up Eaton—south towards friendly lines—and safety. A direct anti-aircraft hit on the rotor sent the helo spinning to earth—killing three of the airmen, two on the helicopter and the pilot of an escort Mustang fighter.

Baited Trap, the Ambush of Mission 1890, is the story of the Korean War's deadliest helicopter rescue mission. Written as a helicopter rescue tribute to Korean War Veterans, Baited Trap uses Korean War records, Korean War photographs, Korean War images and Korean War video to establish Air Force and Korean War history of the aviators who flew air combat rescue missions into heavily defended enemy territory in North Korea to save downed pilots. Baited Trap offers unique insights into the korean conflict, korean history, the korean war, korean war battles, korean war history by including many korean war photos, korean war pictures, and Korean war videos as a tribute to korean war veterans of the forgotten war. It also provides important new Korean War history of U.S. Navy operations, VF-74 and USS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31). Never before has one book included in-depth history of Korean War air combat operations by the P-51 or F-51 Mustang fighter-bomber, the F4U Corsair fighter-bomber, the H-5 and H-19 air rescue helicopters, the 18th Wing, 67th Squadron, Third Air Rescue Squdron or 3ARS, and the Fifth Air Force."


Baited Trap, The Ambush of Mission 1890, the Korean War's deadliest helicopter rescue mission.  The lives of Wayne Lear, Archie Connors, Ronald Eaton and their heroism during Mission 1890. BelleAire Press
(Above, L-R) Della and Capt. Wayne Lear, Ens. Ron Eaton, Dolly Sharp, 1st Lt. Archie Connors and Frankie Connors.  Their lives would be forever linked after June 25, 1952.


Master Sergeant (retired) Bobby Holloway, the only one of nine air rescue pilots and crew lost to enemy fire in the Korean War to survive being shot down and imprisoned for over a year, provides the eye witness account by the only living survivor.
Master Sergeant (retired) Bobby Holloway, the only one of nine air rescue pilots and crew lost to enemy fire in the Korean War to survive being shot down and imprisoned for over a year, provides the eye witness account by the only living survivor.

The successful rescue mission had come to a tragic conclusion—the mission was over but the story would continue—for over fifty years. For the Air Force, Mission 1890 was quickly forgotten—but, readers will learn, it continues to this day—with many surprising twists and turns—hope and love overcoming numbing tragedy.

After more than fifty years, the riveting story of the Korean War’s most heroic—and costly—helicopter rescue can now be told.

It took declassification of official records, extensive research, tracking down the scattered families of brave airmen, and use of the Freedom of Information Act, to piece together the story of what five incredibly determined Air Force and Navy pilots did that long June afternoon in the infamous “Iron Triangle.”

Never before has a formerly classified combat mission been so carefully dissected and examined from the standpoint of those who flew the mission, starting with their complete life stories and those of the women they loved. Several hundred photographs from personal scrapbooks and official records, never before published, illustrate the people and their lives with unique imagery.

Baited Trap illustrates and shares through the photographs and words of those who lived it the human costs of any military mission that results in death or injury—a cost that the affected families continue to bear to this day. The mission itself is hair-raising, the result devastating, yet from the ashes of the lives given so valiantly comes a compelling love story that offers hope for us all.

"This story is a tragic, but wonderful, example of how war may affect the loved ones of those who are lost. It includes a 'gold mine' of documentary and photographic evidence at the family level. I believe the story will resonate with many readers, especially the families of those U.S. Servicemen lost in military operations since 2001. In 'Baited Trap,' deaths in combat, perceived or actual bureaucratic insensitivities, and human failings combine with the sometimes sorrowful and failed--and sometimes encouraging and successful--efforts of loved ones to cope with their respective losses. There are undoubtedly many American families today who would draw a measure of strength and courage from a poignant reminder that they are not the first to experience a war for whom there may never be final closure in this life."

National Museum of the U.S. Air Force - Belle Aire Press Baited Trap, the Ambush of Mission 1890 and Truckbusters From Dogpatch, the Combat Diary of the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing in the Korean War, have recently been chosen by the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH to be displayed and sold in the museum's book store.